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Secretary’s Message

Mr. Chandra Kant Agarwal

Mr. Chandra Kant Agarwal

Counselling and mentoring go a long way in moulding the career of students. Communication skills greatly increase acceptability of student in industries and institutions. Therefore, a dynamic and vibrant centre in each institution to impart soft skills and develop personality of students is imperative.

A fully equipped placement cell with internet facility and different newspapers and magazines, manned by qualified staff, helps in enabling good linkage between industries, employers and outgoing graduates.
At Maharaj Singh College, with quality education, we endeavour to counsel our students to find job opportunities to serve the nation in different walks of life.

Teachers and students are the vital organs of any institution. Teachers are the ideal to their pupils. Their activities and values leave an everlasting impression on the minds of students.

An educational institution should not be just confined to teaching and learning but it should be considered as a place where consciousness is aroused and illuminated, and soul is purified and strengthened. Such a consciousness has been relevant all the more in the present world scenario where corruption is rampant and moral values have declined to its lowest ebb. There is an utter need of constructive companionship between teachers and students.
Chandra Kant Agarwal
Secretary, Managing Committee

From Principal’s Desk

Dr. A.K. Dimri

Dr. A.K. Dimri

Higher education imparts in-depth knowledge about new frontiers of different values of life. It also works as a feeder system to supply human resources in all the speheres viz. management, development, planning, design, teaching, and research. Development of indigenous technology and capabilities in agriculture, industry, transport, communication, health care and medicine, etc., have been possible because of our world class higher education infrastructure.

Maharaj Singh College, Saharanpur, established in 1957 by a great soul and visionary, like that of Babu Maharaj Singh Ji, has contributed a great deal in enhancing the economic and social well-being of this region. It is reputed as one of the premier institutions in this part of the country. Our both the faculties, Science and Arts, are very well recognized for providing quality education.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has played a significant role in the creation of knowledge and delivery system of higher education. With this point of view, an ICT Centre from TCIL, India, has been added to the college campus two years ago. The Management of the college intends to diversify the teaching facilities in other areas of knowledge, in the similar vein.

My all the best wishes for the students, teachers, employees, and alumni. I hope that this official website of the college will disseminate useful and updated information to whoever is in need for the same and will truly reflect the vibrant nature of this great institution and will prove to be a great rendezvous for the new and old students, present and retired staff. I invite all the teachers and students of my college to use this site to showcase their talent for, it is a forum for all of us to meet and interact with each other.

Dr. A.K. Dimri