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Our Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision: – To ignite and produce young minds endowed with various creative skills and ethical values to serve the society and play leadership role in national and international life.


  1. To maintain academic standards by way of quality teaching, research and evaluation and its promotion and sustenance through self and external evaluation.
  2. To facilitate employability and right values through the curricula of science, Humanities and social science that meet the human resources requirement for socio—economic and cultural ends of the society.
  3. Inclusiveness or equal access to socially and economically disadvantages groups and hence to do away with disparities associated with region, area of origin and social groups.
  4. To integrate Information and Communication of technology with the teaching, research, extension and governance programmes.
  5. To develop scientific temper, humanism, spirit of inquiry and reform amongst students through exhibitions in Science & Humanities, quiz competitions, seminars, extension activities like NCC, NSS, Rangers & Rovers, Kavi–sammelans, Spic Macay programmes and debates etc.
  6. To promote academia-industry interaction to convert intellectual capital into material capital.